Melanie is 16 years old and lives on the countryside.With her moped as her companion, she moves between her home in the forest and the social activities offered in the small village. Trying hard to gain respect from the grown up world around her, but hasn’t yet decided if that’s where she wants to be from now on

  • Program
  • Originaltittel
  • Regissør
    Lisa Meyer
  • Producer
    Lisa Meyer
  • Manus
    Lisa Meyer
  • Foto
    Jan Soja, Eyal Shachar, Malin Nicander, Lisa Meyer
  • Skuespillere
    Louise Petersson, Linnéa Almqvist, Joakim Jonasson, Arbi Alviati, Ayda Kralicek Erekin
  • Spilletid
    13 m
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  • Produksjon
    Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg