Liv is a dystopian outlook on the future located in Norway. The differences between the rich and the poor countries has increased which has lead to a much stricter immigration policy in the wealthiest part of the world. In this film we follow Nasha on her path to becoming a Norwegian citizen through her final evaluation.
  • Program
  • Originaltittel
  • Regissør
    Mathias Lien
  • Producer
    August Wittemann
  • Manus
    Mathias Lien
  • Foto
    Martin Kopperud
  • Skuespillere
    Maria Agwumaro, Bjarne Hjelde, Henriette Marø, Arthur Berning
  • Spilletid
    22 m
  • År
  • Land
  • Produksjon
    Westerdals ACT