Welcome to the 46th Norwegian International Film Festival!

16. August 2018

On behalf of the festival staff, it is a great pleasure to welcome you all to experience an exciting and varied festival programme that reflects a particularly good film year.

The 46th Norwegian Intl. Film Festival opens with a chilling rumble; The Quake is the intense sequel to the 2015 blockbuster The Wave, and is at least as thrilling as its predecessor. Disaster movies set on Norwegian soil has proven to be surprisingly riveting and realistic, made even scarier by pulling at the pillars of our safe, Nordic existence. We are honored to to give Quake its premiere in Haugesund.

Nordic TV drama has earned its position at this year’s festival too, with a project that is equally relevant to the current TV landscape as to our own local community: Who Killed Birgitte? is the first Norwegian true crime-series for television and holds an impressive level of production quality, whilst simultaneously treating the horrible local tragedy with respect.

The festival staff strives continuously to make sure that the film festival is an arena for up-to-date industry discussions. To push this agenda further, we have gathered all of our seminars under the same heading: Haugesund Talks. This year, we shed particular light on the social responsibility of cultural promoters, and film as a tool for open conversations about painful topics.

Like every year, Haugesund offers something for everyone, with great diversity in the scheduled film screenings, festival happenings and industry events. We hope and trust that you will find something to perfectly suit your individual taste.

Welcome to a multifarious new season in Haugesund!

Tonje Hardersen
Festival – and Programme Director