The Hestenes Award and The Faun of the City of Haugesund have been presented

22. August 2017

The 45th Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund is well underway and tonight the first awards were presented.  We are delighted to announce the winners of the Hestenes Award and The Faun of the City of Haugesund, an honorary prize. In addition The Blazing Seagulls (“Fykende måker”), a mark of honour given by the City of Haugesund, was presented.

Tonight the prestigious Hestenes Award was presented by Arts Editor of Dagbladet Sigrid Hvidsten during the Norwegian International Film Festival.

The prize went to Silje Mariann Engja Sigurdsen, arts critic for the newspapers Bergens Tidende and Aftenposten, and the editor of the video blog Kunzt. Sigurdsen (b. 1989) comes from Bergen and was educated as an arts historian at the University of Bergen and the University of Copenhagen.

Excerpt from the jury statement: “In an age where many fear that the internet is about to destroy arts journalism, where people shout that everything was so much better before, Sigurdsen has instead embraced the web’s possibilities for everything it’s worth. As a platform for an innovative, engaging and sensationally direct form for writing about the arts.”

This year’s jury for the Hestenes Award consisted of Arts Editor of Dagbladet Sigrid Hvidsten, Festival Director Tonje Hardersen and Associate Director Trygve Aas Olsen at the Norwegian Institute of Journalism.

Arne Hestenes’s journalism award for films, portrait interviews and other arts journalism is most often just called the Hestenes Award. It was established by the Dagbladet journalist Arne Hestenes in co-operation with the Norwegian International Film Festival and the Norwegian Institute of Journalism. The award was given for the first time in 1993.

The Faun of the City of Haugesund, an honorary award, has been presented in Haugesund since 1988. The criteria for receiving the prize are that the winner must have visited the Norwegian International Film Festival numerous times, and made an effort to promote the Norwegian film and cinema scene. The award was presented tonight to CEO Frida Ohrvik. Since 1990 Ohrvik has been the CEO of the company Norsk Filmdistribusjon, which due to changes of owners was given the name Sandrew Metronome for a few years, before it again returned to its original name. Ohrvik is today the owner of the company Norsk Filmdistribusjon.

The City of Haugesund’s mark of honour, The Blazing Seagulls (“Fykende måker”) goes to persons that have distinguished themselves, during professional life or leisure time, promoting Haugesund or made an outstanding effort for the city. Erling Pettersen tonight received the award for his extensive engagement for all the strata of society in Haugesund through his position as Bishop in Rogaland from 2009 to 2016.

Both the The Faun and The Blazing Seagulls award was presented by Arne-Christian Mohn, the Mayor of Haugesund.