The Amanda Award winners 2020

14. August 2020

Beware of Children was this night’s big winner with a total of nine awards, among them Best Picture, and thus beat the old record belonging to The King’s Choice with its eight wins in 2017. 

Andrea Bræin Hovig received her first Amanda Award in the category Best Actress for her critically acclaimed performance in Hope. Ingvild Holthe Bydgnes also received her first Amanda for her performance in The Tunnel, in the category Best Supporting Actress. Jan Gunnar Røise and Thorbjørn Harr won Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, both for Beware of Children. Dag Johan Haugerud won the award for Best Director, also for Beware of Children.

The Crossing won the award for Best Children’s Film, while The Self Portrait won Best Documentary. Audiences voted Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond as the winner of The People’s Amanda. The Amanda Committee Honorary Awardwent to producer, director and part-creator of the Amanda Award Bente Erichsen. The Amanda Committee’s Golden Clapper went to Frida Ohrvik.


The Norwegian International Film Festival and the Amanda Committee are proud to present this year’s Amanda winners:

Best Film
Beware of Children, produced by Yngve Sæther, directed by Dag Johan Haugerud

Best Director
Dag Johan Haugerud, Beware of Children

Best Actress
Andrea Bræin Hovig, Hope

Best Actor
Jan Gunnar Røise, Beware of Children

Best Supporting Actress
Ingvild Holthe Bydgnes, The Tunnel

Best Supporting Actor
Thorbjørn Harr, Beware of Children

Best Documentary
The Self Portrait, produced by Margreth Olin, directed by Katja Høgset, Margreth Olin and Espen Wallin

Best Children’s Film
The Crossing, produced by Cornelia Boysen, directed by Johanne Helgeland

Best Short Film
The Manila Lover, produced by Lotte Sandbu and Nina Maria Barbosa Blad, directed by Johanna Pyykkö

Best Foreign Language Film
Joker, directed by Todd Phillips, distributed by SF Norway

Best Screenplay
Dag Johan Haugerud, Beware of Children

Best Cinematography
Øystein Mamen, Beware of Children

Beste Editing
Jens Christian Fodstad, Beware of Children

Best Sound Design
Gisle Tveito, Beware of Children

Best Original Score
Peder Kjellsby and Arnaud Fleurent-Didier, Beware of Children

Best Costume
Ulrika Sjölin, The Spy

Best Make-up
Siw Järbyn, The Spy

Best Production Design
Jørgen Stangebye Larsen, Hope

Best Visual Effects
Stephen Coren and Bert Deruyck, The Ash Lad – In Soria Moria Castle