The narrow diversity: the cinema market after the digitization

Time:Sunday 20 August at 4 PM
Location:Maritim Caiano, Scandic Maritim
Price:NOK 100,-

The Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund invites you to an exciting cinema seminar, in collaboration with BI Norwegian Business Center / Creative Industries (BI: CCI).

The seminar will be held in Norwegian only.

Digitization of culture and entertainment often creates expectations of increased diversity, both in supply and consumption. For the Norwegian cinema market, digitization has provided new opportunities and increased flexibility on the supply side, which has given a new dynamic in the programming of the cinema. But also outside the cinema archives, digitization has clear effects, among other things because the public is increasingly communicating and orientating through social media.

We have studied the Norwegian cinema market before and after the digitization of the cinemas, in 2008 and 2013, and we see significant changes in both display and visitor patterns. What has digitization meant for diversity, for Norwegian film’s position, and for Norwegian producers and distributors’ strategies for the cinema film?