Undine lectures about city planning in Berlin. She lives in a small apartment by Alexanderplatz, has a master’s degree in history and works as a freelancer. But behind the facade of a modern life, an old myth is hiding: If the man Undine loves betrays her, she must kill him and return to the sea. So when her boyfriend Johannes leaves Undine for someone else, she doesn’t have much choice – until diver Christoph suddenly shows up. The two of them fall happily and innocently in love, but can Undine escape from the myth? Christian Petzold won the award for Best Director during the 2012 Berlinale for Barbara, and since then he has given us the brilliant Phoenix and Transit. For Undine, lead actress Paula Beer won the Best Actress award in Berlin.

  • Program
  • Original title
  • Director
    Christian Petzold
  • Producer
    Florian Koerner von Gustorf, Michael Weber
  • Writers
    Christian Petzold
  • Photo
    Hans Fromm
  • Actors
    Paula Beer, Franz Rogowski, Gloria Endres de Oliveira, Jacob Matschenz
  • Playtime
    1 h 30 min
  • Year
  • Country
  • Production
    Schramm Film
  • Distributor