The Kid

Charlie Chaplin’s classic is 100 years old. This charming film starts with Edna, who leaves her infant in a limousine. Some thieves steal the car and dump the infant near a trash can. The Tramp (Chaplin) walks by, discovers the child and picks him up. Edna changes her mind and realizes that the car has been stolen and her child is gone, while the Tramp changes his home to adapt to the child. Five years have passed and Edna – who is now a big star – is looking for her lost son, who has since been raised by the Tramp. This is one of the most heartwarming films that came out in the silent film era. It has a simple premise, which makes it easy to enjoy for all age groups. It’s an artwork that has really withstood the test of time.


  • Program
  • Original title
    The Kid
  • Director
    Charlie Chaplin
  • Producer
    Charlie Chaplin
  • Writers
    Charlie Chaplin
  • Actors
    Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Coogan, Edna Purviance, Carl Miller
  • Playtime
    53 min
  • Year
  • Country
  • Age limit
    All ages admitted
  • Production
    Charles Chaplin Production
  • Distributor