System Crasher

Benni is a delicate-looking girl with unbridled energy. She is a system crasher. A term used to describe children who break every single rule; children who refuse to accept any kind of structure, and who gradually fall through the masks of the child and welfare services safety net. No matter where the nine-year-old ends up, she is sent again after a short while. And that’s exactly what she is looking for. Benni´s wish is to be able to live with her mum again: a woman who is unable to cope with her daughter’s erratic behaviour.

Nora Fingscheidt has made a strong drama about a child’s overwhelming need for love and safety, and the potential for violence that this may entail. Helena Zengel impresses strongly with her wonderful portrayal of being a child, which also rises fear and a desire to help vulnerable and desperate children. At the same time, the film features the attempts by teachers and psychologists to create a safe future for children who can threat and destroy themselves and those around them as a result of their unpredictable behaviour.

  • Program
  • Original title
  • Director
    Nora Fingscheidt
  • Producer
    Peter Hartwig, Jakob Weydemann, Jonas Weydemann.
  • Photo
    Yunus Roy Imer
  • Actors
    Helena Zengel, Albrecht Schuch, Gabriela Maria Schmeide.
  • Playtime
    1 h 58 min
  • Year
  • Country
  • Age limit
  • Production
    Kineo Filmproduktion, Weydemann Bros.
  • Distributor
    Mer Film