We meet two people who both share the same stalker, and we learn how their harrowing experiences with her have really taken its toll on them. In the second part we meet a young convicted stalker. A friendship that turned into an obsession took control over his life and to this day is difficult to live with. Lastly they all share their thoughts on how the system has treated them. The convicted stalker don’t seem to get any better with help from psychiatrists. The victims express the importance of men talking about their issues, and how the system has both failed the victims of stalking and the stalkers themselves.

  • Program
  • Original title
  • Director
    Olav Bjelland Feet
  • Producer
    Trym Bertheussen Falkanger & Maria Vihovde
  • Writers
    Olav Bjelland Feet
  • Photo
    Trym Bertheussen Falkanger
  • Playtime
    15 min
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