Sofia, 16, and Axel have sex at a party. The next day a film of them is sent around their school. She and her friends go on a pursuit in order to find out who filmed.

Ida, 14, meets a guy on Tinder. Later, she’s contacted by Jan, who tells her that a nude of her is posted on a closed forum.  He can help her, but he needs something in return.

  • Program
  • Original title
  • Director
    Liv Joelle Barbosa Blad, Erika Calmeyer
  • Producer
    Nina M. Barbosa Blad
  • Writers
    Liv Joelle Barbosa Blad
  • Actors
    Lena Reinhardtsen, Johanne Regine Svendsberget, Christian Reyes
  • Playtime
    3 x 20 min
  • Year
  • Country