Norrberg – The Great Hold-Up

After getting her character killed in a western style improvised TV sketch, Abigail decides that her story is not over yet. She keeps on playing the same character and drags the other two actors, Mary-Ann and Frank, with her. The studio band start to play along with Abigail in order to keep the show running. Abigail thinks that the best way to turn the tables and make Mary-Ann the villain is to save Frank from her.

  • Program
  • Original title
    Norrberg - The Great Hold-up
  • Director
    Santtu Koivisto
  • Producer
    Sakari Sankkinen
  • Writers
    Santtu Koivisto
  • Photo
    Juuso Koivisto
  • Actors
    Pauliina Kietäväinen, Hosanna Megumi, Jasir Osman, Santtu Koivisto, Tomi Trofast, Tiitus Wargelin
  • Playtime
    7 min
  • Year
  • Country