Aurora: Nordic Council Film Prize nominee, Finland

The title character of Aurora is like a Finnish version of Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck leading lady. In order to get through the monotony of her everyday life, consisting of a job at a nail salon and disappointing nights out in Rovaniemi, Aurora dreams of a different and more exciting existence – in Norway. When she meets Iranian refugee Darian and his daughter, Aurora’s life gains a new purpose: They embark on a mission to find Darian a wife, so that he in turn will get a full residence permit. Surrounding them at all times is a gallery of secondary characters that could be taken straight from an Arto Paasillina novel.

Aurora is a highly entertaining and funny film. However, the care and respect that director Miia Tervos has for each of her characters shine through in every scene. Several brilliant performances – ranging from Aurora’s alcohol-drenched father to the sympathetic boss at the local emergency room – in combination with a striking Slavic soundtrack and an intensely colourful production design, all make Aurora one of the most charming features you can catch in cinemas this year.

  • Program
  • Director
    Miia Tervo
  • Producer
    Mahsa Malka
  • Writers
    Miia Tervo
  • Photo
    Arsen Sarkisiants
  • Actors
    Mimosa Willamo, Amir Escandari, Oona Airola
  • Playtime
    1 h 46 min
  • Year
  • Country
  • Age limit
    12 years
  • Production
    Dionysos Films