My Father’s Voice

My Father’s Voice is an adaptation of a poetry monologue about the father-son-relationship written by Truls Horvei. The script is based on Horvei’s collection of poems with the same title published in 2017. The poems have a son’s perspective. The text’s theme includes different aspects of life, in which the adolescence phase is focused on. The young son’s relationship to his parents is portrayed, and especially his relation to his father. A father who causes insecurities, and is unable to secure his son emotionally. As a grown man, the son reflects on the development of their relationship, and the gradual shift in power balance between them.

The film is shot as a one take production, and is funded by Arts Council Norway. 

  • Program
  • Original title
    Fars stemme
  • Director
    Nina Sele
  • Producer
    Elsa Aanensen
  • Writers
    Truls Horvei
  • Photo
    Kim Edgar Bachel
  • Actors
    Lars Henrik Aarnes
  • Playtime
    33 min
  • Year
  • Country
  • Production