Grey Wolf

Digging up the memory of the Finnish Civil War in 1918, Grey Wolf tells a historical story with a modern twist. When Viktor Stark, a peaceful writer of the conservative Whites, finds a wounded enemy soldier hiding for his life, Stark’s values and loyalty are measured against each other. Will he choose a higher moral or otherness? The answer is revealed in the final scene that turns the whole world around. Grey Wolf is set in history, but truly, it tells about us.

  • Program
  • Original title
    Harma susi
  • Director
    Topi Raulo
  • Producer
    Claudia Fleege
  • Writers
    Hannes Mattila
  • Photo
    Tomi Rislakki
  • Actors
    Matti Laine, Tapio Liinoja, Miikka Ahonen, Hanan Sneih, Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon
  • Playtime
    20 m
  • Year
  • Country