My Grandpa Is an Alien

Una doesn’t have many friends – and her brothers ignore her. However, she is very happy to be hang around her grandfather. She likes to hear him tell stories and join in when he works on his inventions in his basement workshop.

In a moment, Una’s life is turned upside-down when Grandpa is abducted by aliens and her mother ends up in hospital. Her new best friend becomes a small-brained robot, which she finds in Grandpa’s workshop. The robot reveals that Grandpa is really an alien and that they only have 24 hours to save him. The rescue operation leads to a beautiful friendship, and the rational and logic-driven robot learns to understand what emotions mean to humans. Una’s love and stamina turns out to be the rescue of her semi-alien family.

  • Program
  • Original title
    Moj dida je pao s Marsa
  • Director
    Marina Andree Skop, Drazen Zarkovic
  • Producer
    Darija Kulenovic Gudan, Marina Andree Skop
  • Writers
    Pavlica Bajsic, Irena Krcelic, Branko Ruzic
  • Photo
    Sven Pepeonik
  • Actors
    Lana Hranjec; Nils Ole Oftebro, Petra Polnisová
  • Playtime
    1 h 19 min
  • Year
  • Country
    Croatia, Norway
  • Age limit
    9 years
  • Production
    Studio Dim, Wady Films, Filmbin
  • Distributor