Norwegian ArchFest

The architectural film festival Norwegian ArchFest will be held for the second time during The Norwegian International Film Festival, from 19 – 21 August.

Norwegian ArchFest is realised by Haugesund municipality and the Norwegian Intl. Film Festival in collaboration with The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA), The University of Oslo and The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Vikanes Bungum and Iversen Skogen.


Norwegian ArchFest 2018 will explore the relationship between man and machine, cities and technology, optimistic versus dystopic future visions, algorithms and knowledge about the human condition.

Are there limits to what machines and artificial intelligence can replace? Will human contact and touch still be as important for our social behaviour if we can custom design our very own digital friend?

Architects and city planners seek to reshape knowledge of human needs and ambition into physical form and regulation. How have digitization and artificial intelligence affected our cities, and how will this develop in the future? Will these phenomenons become more, or less humane?

Monday 20 august

What does smart mean to:

  • The person (Dag Hareide, writer and samfunnsdebattant)
  • The architect   (Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Snøhetta)
  • The city (Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby, Urban Infrastructure Partner)

Moderator: Lisbet Harboe

Evening, Monday 20 August

Book talk: Drømmelinsene

Author: Stig Beite Løken
Interviewer: Alexander Urrang Hauge (journalist and publisher)
Jonny Aspen and Dag Hareide will participate in a conversation with the author.

Tuesday 21 August

How smart? – of digital politics, digital city services and sustainable development

  • Einar Sneve Martinussen, Associate Professor, AHO
  • AHOs urban research  2018
  • Andrew Karvonen, PhD Assistant Professor, Sustainable Urban Development