Norwegian Archfest

The architectural film festival Norwegian ArchFest will arranged for the third time on 22 – 24 August, and is a collaboration between Haugesund Municipality and the Norwegian International Film Festival.

Norwegian ArchFest is simultaneously an architectural film festival and an urban development conference. The featured films will challenge our image of the city as our home. The lectures will shed a light on the challenges we face and inspire to the ideal.

Mind of Modernism

Fra Mind of Modernism, ArchFest 2021

Living cities: Social sustainability, modernism, architectural revolt, urban industrial development and more.

ArchFest opens Sunday the 22nd of August, and is a three-day conference. It also features a film program open for the general audience. A different sign up is is required for participation  at Norwegian ArchFest. However, accreditation for Norwegian ArchFest qualifies for access to all films at The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund.

Participants from all parts of Norway will get to see films from USA/Brazil, Canada, UK, France, Japan and Norway. The keynote speakers will be internationally acclaimed and local architects, and speakers specialized in architectural science, business and management. 

A preview of the program 

On August 23rd we welcome Kjetil Thorsen from Snøhetta. He will discuss how projects needs to balance both market and site analysis whilst aspire to an inspired, site specific and sustainable urban development – in a constructive symbiosis between different interests.

Monday afternoon will mark the world premiere of Paul Tunges Mind of Modernism in Rossabø church. The film is a beautiful portrait of brutalist churches, modernist cvic centers and magnificent architect drawn villas. In the evening the 2020 award for housing and urban development from the Norwegian Association for Housing and Urban Development (Norsk BYOB) will be awarded Haugesund municipal county for the development of Flotmyr.

The award for building customs will end ArchFest 2021, and will be decided Tuesday evening.

Upcoming films and keynote speakers will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

See the program here