Good News From the Minister of Culture and Equality

23. August 2021

During the official opening of The 49th. Norwegian International Film Festival Minister of Culture and Equality Abid Raja shared some good news with the audience. In a pre-recorded video from his home in Oslo Raja announced NOK 8,5 millions in new funds for the Norwegian film industry.

– 4,5 million will go to The Norwegian Film Institute earmarked diversity measures, 2,5 million will be granted to promote Norwegian films abroad, and 1,5 million will, from 2022 on, go to an international fund for diversity. To build on the momentum Norwegian film industry is in, as we witnessed in Cannes where two Norwegian films took the world by storm, the Minister of Culture and Equality said in his video.

Focus on Diversity

Culture and film should reflect the society we live in, and The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund and Nordisk Film & TV Fond therefore invite our participants to Status Quo – Diversity Seminar Wednesday August 25th.