Volunteer work


Photo: Jan Kåre Ness/The Norwegian International Film Festival

Photo: Jan Kåre Ness/The Norwegian International Film Festival

As a volunteer you’ll get the opportunity to see exciting new movies, work experiences and new friends.
We hope you will join us and help create a great festival!

This is what you get as a volunteer when you become part of our skilled staff:
– The opportunity to experience the film festival from the inside.
– Experience from festival work and a certificate of the tasks and efforts you have made.
– The festival’s t-shirt, invitation to the kick-off event and closing party.
– A festival badge that gives you access to watch films at the festival.

In return we expect that you:
– Are present in Haugesund during the festival
– Are service-minded and willing to perform your best.
– Give our guest a welcoming smile and enthusiasm
– Work a minimum of 6 shifts in return of the festival badge. (If you want to work more, you are welcome!)

The festival does not cover travel and accomodation expenses and you are required to be over 18 years old.

Volunteer tasks:

Cinema host:
The tasks may vary, but some of the most important are:
• admission and counting at our theaters, occasionally be present in the theaters during film screenings
• contact with cinema technicians if required
• guide the audience towards the entrance and help preparing the theatre for the next screening
• help with school screenings
• various driving assignments if required
• serving, supplementing and clearing the festival tent and other meeting arenas
• assist with rigging and decoration
• help keep the festival areas tidy and nice
• information and service to the public

Guest hosts
The main task of the guest hosts is to make the festival’s guests feel welcome. They do this by:
• focus on service and hospitality
• welcoming them at the airport, direct to a waiting car or bus and be helpful with their uggage
• host bus transports
• meet guests at check-in at hotels
• show guests accreditation site
• guide between arenas in Haugesund
• serving, supplementation and tidying-up at receptions, premiere parties, concerts, excursions and seminars

The information & accreditation desk
The main task is to welcome festival participants and festival guests by:
• distribute accreditation folders
• familiarize yourself with the festival so you are able to answer questions and be helpful with practical information concerning the festival
• have a great service attitude
• good language skills are required

The main task is to drive guests to / from the festival’s various arenas. Here we need volunteers who can:
• Be precise and on time
• Provide good service and help with luggage and entering and exiting the vehicle
• It requires that you’ve had your driver’s license for a while and are a comfortable and safe driver. There will be festival cars available.

Registration as a volunteer for the Norwegian Film Festival 2021 will open during June. Feel free to join the festival’s Facebook group for volunteers here here