“Blind Spot” will premiere at the Norwegian International Film Festival

11. July 2018

Tuva Novotnys drama Blind spot will be screened in Haugesund on Monday 20 August, with visits from the director and lead actors.

The Swedish actress makes her feature-length directing debut with the movie Blind Spot. Renowned Norwegian actors Pia Tjelta and Anders Baasmo Christiansen star in the leading roles in this moving drama, which is filmed in one single take lasting the entire 98 minutes, and adressing mental health problems issues among Norwegian youth.

– Tuva Novotny makes a great impression with her directing debut, says Festival – and Programme Director Tonje Hardersen.

Blind Spot has become a heartbreaking film with a serious subject, and the actors are amazing in their performances in front of the ever-present camera. I heartily welcome the film to Haugesund.

Director Novotny hopes that her film might contribute to more openness around the theme:

– I wrote the script after observing a dominating conspiracy of silence regarding this subject. I was also reading about several cases of very young suicide victims in Norway, and found the degree of openness and discussion about mental suffering lacking – both in the home environment and the public debate. I also felt that the conversations that were being had were focusing on guilt and cause, in stead of acceptance and receptivity. As film is my area, it became natural for me to use the medium to highlight something that in my opinion is poorly discussed.

Producer Elisabeth Kvithyll eagerly awaits the premiere in Haugesund:

Blind Spot is based on real issues and important challenges for our society, tackling the big questions of the human condition by closing in on a small family. It is an open and brave movie with great distinction. And it dares to take a realistic approach, with the courage to tackle difficult, beautiful and moving human emotions. Vi look forward to meeting the audience in Haugesund.

Tuva Novotny will bring actors Pia Tjelta and Anders Baasmo Christiansen to the gala premiere.

About the film

Blind Spot follows a mother’s struggle to understand the crisis her daughter is going through, as it affects the entire family. How can we as adults, parents, and society help our children and youth to open up about difficult thoughts and mental suffering, when our ideals are built on the pursuit of happiness and excess?


The cast

Pia Tjelta is astounding in her devastating performance as Maria. The actress has formal training from the Oslo National Academy of Theater, and have since her film debut in Mongoland from 2001 enjoyed a superb career as a full-time member of the ensemble at the National Theatre, a film actress, and a designer for ByTimo as well as her own clothing brand. The always impeccable Anders Baasmo Christiansen has, like Tjelta, had a long and diverse career since his breakthrough in the film Buddy from 2003. He has appeared in major Norwegian films such as Kon-Tiki and The King’s Choice, as well as appearing in popular TV-shows Dag, Norwegian Cozy and One Night. Nora Mathea Øien is fantastic in her acting debut as Tea. Per Frisch, Marianne Krogh and Oddgeir Thune also appear in central roles.

The crew

Tuva Novotny is best known for her acting roles in several Scandinavian films and TV-series, as well as appearances in major international projects. She had her first experience in the director’s chair for four episodes of the series Dag, in which she also played a lead character, and has since directed an episode of the Netflix-show Lillyhammer. She is already well underway with her next directing project, Britt-Marie Was Here, a freestanding sequel to popular A Man Called Ove. On her team is cinematographer Jonas Alarik, sound designer Peter Albrechtsen, and production designer Nina Bjerch-Andersen. Blind Spot is produced by Elisabeth Kvithyll for Nordisk Film Production.

The film is distributed by Nordisk Film Distribution and will have its theatrical premiere in Oslo, Friday 24 August.


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