Awards presented at the 48th Norwegian International Film Festival

20. August 2020

Tonight was the award ceremony at the 48th Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund. The Collini Case won the hearts of the audience, and received the Audience Award.

Audience Award:

The German film The Collini Case won the Audience Award. The jury stated: «We are taken on a gripping journey with excitement – from start to finish. Inspired by the author’s own family history, we are reminded of the horrible actions from the war that should never be forgotten. The film is directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner and produced in Germany, and thus one of several films and books from recent years where settlement with the country’s recent past is at the center

The Audience Award is given by The Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund. The jury has been appointed by TV Haugaland, and consists of Kjersti Opedal Ausrtheim, Mirjam Bjerkenes, Astrid Yasmin Furdal, Janne Hauge and Johnny Liadal.

The Andreas Award:

The Andreas Award 2020 goes to The Painter and the Thief.

The Andreas Award, the ecumenical film prize, is a collaboration between The Norwegian Film Festival, Film&Kino and the paper Vårt Land. It has been awarded since 1985. The jury consists of Kristin Aalen, Rune Steensnæs Engedal, Hanne Jacobsen and Alf Kjetil Walgermo.

The jury says: «This year’s award winner tells a sensational story about a meeting between two persons that show us a great willingness and capability to really see each other. It succeed in reminding us that nobody is just what you see at first, but that each individual deserves respect, compassion and to be seen on a basic level. The two persons show their strength and vulnerability to each other, and to us, without becoming intrusive or sentimental. The film also includes a critical perspective, and surprises us with several new turns and twists. It breaks down the facades, as art can do it, and lifts a strong humanity and deep human bonds. The award winner sparkles with dignity, art and love

The Ray of Sunshine

The statuette Ray of Sunshine went to Summerland, directed by Jessica Swale. The award is meant for the film that excites and spreads the most joy. The film should reach a wide audience. The jury said that the film is «is a touching story about the endurance of love in challenging times. This film thrills us with beautiful scenery from Dover whilst the second worldwar rages on in other parts of the country. The film showcases a liberating lack of predjudice – and a young heart confirms that love is love, no matter what. The stories intertwine with elegance, and the film left us with big smiles, open hearts and feeling that magic does exist. We hope this film gets a big audience and a long life at the cinemas!»

The jury is appointed by the Norwegian Cinema Managers Association and consisted of Clarissa Bergh from Lillehammer kino, Bjørn Holum from Fosnavåg kino and Ida Katrine Balto from Aurora kino.

Best Project Award:

This award is given to the best project in The Nordic Co-Production Market, and the winner gets to participate in «The Producers Network» in Cannes. The award for Best Project went to the Swedish project Dogborn, directed by Isabella Carbonelli and produced by Farima Karimi, David Herdies and Erik Andersson. A special mention was given to the Norwegian project Norwegian Dream, directed by Leiv Igor Devold and produced by Havard Gosse.

The jury said: «We were impressed by the pitch itself, especially the director’s passionate and personal explanation of her connection to the story. The short clip also impressed us. We think this film will have big international potential at festivals and beyond.»

About Norwegian Dream, the jury said: “We would first like to give a special mention. That goes to a project that we thought has great potential and also was very thoughtfully and professionally pitched. We think this is a story we haven’t seen before and we look forward to seeing a final film that will be very moving.

Next Nordic Generation:

Next Nordic Generation Award is given to the best film from the Nordic film schools. The award consists of NOK 10 000 and is given by SF Studios Norge. The jury consisted of producer Gary Cranner, producer Elisa Pirir, and Håkon Skogrand, the former head of programming at the Norwegian Film Festival.

The winner was Tape, directed by Mirjam Thorkelsdottir, who graduated from Westerdals in Norway.

The jury says: «The winner of this years Next Nordic Generation is a film that shows how passion can overtake a young life. In a film that shows an unusual filmmaking maturity, the filmmaker has delivered something raw and real and proved she has a strong and original voice. On a limited budget, the writer/director has delivered a visually complex film and elicited awesome performances from her actors. The film elegantly juggles themes of sexuality, infatuation and friendship, and evolves into a voyeur-driven tale of jealousy with an enjoyable dramatic turning point. The story and the cinematic execution work together to create a work that resonates with the audience, and the jury hopes that the energy displayed in this production is representative of what the filmmaker can achieve in the future.»

A special mention was given to the film Stalker, directed by Olav Bjelland Feet. The jury said: «Among the ten films the jury has considered, there were eight fiction films and two documentaries. The special mention goes to a documentary that helps us as an audience understand the human mind and how it sometimes can unravel a whole life. The film showcases a talent that really shows us  the value of getting close to the documentary subjects and showing them to us through his lense, and we hope to see more from him in the years to come.»