Arne Hestenes’ Journalist Award Presented To Ida Lødemel Tvedt During The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund

24. August 2021

The prestigious and traditional Arne Hestenes’ Journalism Award was presented this evening during a press dinner at Haugesund Town Hall as part of The 49th. Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund.

The award was presented to essayist Ida Lødemel Tvedt. She is educated at Columbia University and has taught classes on literary essay at Columbia, The University of Oslo and The Writing Academy in Hordaland. Tvedt is based in Bergen.

– This year’s Hestenes award winner is something as rare as a culture critic of the old sort, jury member Sigrid Hvidsten said about this year’s winner. The jury’s full speech at the bottom of the article. 


Sharp and nuanced culture criticism

The jury honors Lødemel Tvedt’s ability to write sharp and nuanced culture criticism, unbound by art form. They highlight her unique ability to see even the most trivial details in a bigger picture. 

This year’s jury for The Hestenes award consists of Tonje Hardersen, The Norwegian International Film Festival, Mode Steinkjer, Norsk filmkritikerlag, Trygve Aas Olsen, Institute for Journalism and Sigrid Hvidsten, Dagbladet. 

The award consists of a diploma and a prize of NOK 25 000.


About the Hestenes’ Award

Arne Hestenesjournalism Award for film, portrait and other culture journalism is often just called The Hestenes Award. It was founded by Dagbladet journalist Arne Hestenes in collaboration with The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund and Institute for Journalism – and celebrates excelling culture journalism. The award was first presented in 1993. Previous recipients include Hans Olav Brenner, Ingvild Wedaa Tennfjord, Vetle Lid Larsen og Linn Ullmann.

This year the award is presented in collaboration between The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund, Dagbladet, Insitute for Journalism and Norsk filmkritikerlag. 

The award was presented by festival director for The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund Tonje Hardersen in Haugesund, August 23rd. 2021.


This is the jury’s full justification:

– This year’s Hestenes’ award winner has a very special pen. A winding pen. Like a bejeweled cobra it coils around the journalistic material. Glistening, glittering, soft and elegant. Before it strikes the skin,  where it is at its  thinnest, where it hurts the most. 

This year’s Hestenes’ award winner is something as rare as a culture critic of the good old sort. One who will not be limited to only writing about literature, music or film, even if she touches on these topics, she still sees culture in a bigger, interpersonal perspective. In her columns and essays she writes about how we talk and write, what we wear and what we do. She analyzes and dissects the culture that brings us together, tears us apart, and she does it with her with her unique western Norwegian eye for power structures. 

This year’s Hestenes  winner writes columns in nynorsk, books in bokmål and has lived in New York. This gives her columns and essays about the birch at Aasentunet in Hovedbygda seem internationally significant. She has a pointed ability to interpret small symbols in a larger context. 

Just listen to this sharp analysis of Melaina Trump’s outfit, published in a column in Dag & Tid:

– If fashion is the art form we will never escape, and the character system best fit to diagnose the present, what is to be said about the outfit Melania Trump wore when she spoke the Republican National Convention?

1: She looked good. 2: She looked like she was ready to invade Belgium. 

Essayist and columnist Ida Lødemel Tvedt is a very worthy Hestenes’ award winner. 

She has a pen ready to invade Belgium.