Anders Baasmo and Andrea Bræin Hovig Will Be Honored On Walk of Fame

23. June 2021

Anders Baasmo (45) and Andrea Bræin Hovig (47) will be honored with a stone each in Haugesund’s Walk of Fame. The unveiling will happen August 21st, the same day as the Amanda Award ceremony. 


The Walk of Fame committee has chosen to honor two actors who have contributed to build up on the professionality and quality of Norwegian acting, both on the theatre scene, and in the film and TV industry.

An historic actor

Anders  Baasmo graduated from The Academy of Theatre at Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2000, and got his break as Stig Inge in Buddy (2003), aa performance which he was awarded the Amanda for. He has later been awarded Gullruten for his portrayal og Henrik Ibsen in En udødelig mann (2007) and for the role of Benedict in Dag (2011 and 2012). He has also been awarded Heddaprisen for the titular role in Hamlet (2008) and Kanonprisen for Nord (2010). He is the first actor to ever win all of the four most prestigious acting awards in Norway.

– I am humbled and grateful to receive such an honor from the The Norwegian International Film Festival. It suddenly occurs to me that I have been doing this for a while , and all the wonderful meetings, locations and productions with hard working and amazing colleagues, both in front of and behind the camera. An accolade like this inspires me to keep working and new adventures.
I am also happy to be sharing the honor with fellow alumni from The Academy of Theatre Andrea Bræin Hovig. And it is a great pleasure to visit beautiful Haugesund in August, Baasmo says. 

Andrea has moved the people

Andre Bræin Hovig graduated from The Academy of Theatre at Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 1998, and was employed by The Norwegian Theatre the same year. In 2002 she was employed by The National Theatre. She is featured in many acclaimed films, like Som du ser meg (2012), En affære (2018) and Barn (2019). She was awarded the Amanda for Best Actress for her portrayal of Aina in Hope (2019). She is also featured in multiple Norwegian TV hits like Berlinerpoplene (2007), Mammon (2014) and Aldri Voksen (2020). 

– This is such a great pleasure! It feels like I have been invited in to a group of professionals who love, and work for Norwegian film, Bræin Hovig Says.

Om Walk of Fame 
Haugesund got its own Walk of Fame in 2015 when the actors Kristoffer Joner and Ane Dahl Torp were the first to have their names chiselled into the granite at the street of Haraldsgaten. In 2016 the festival’s Honorary President Liv Ullmann and the new star Jakob Oftebro were honoured, 2017 Pia Tjelta and Bjørn Sundquist, 2018 Toralv Maurstad and Agnes Kittelsen, 2019 Aksel Hennie and Anne Marit Jacobsen and last year Sven Nordin and Ingrid Bolsø Berdal was honored.

A committee consisting of four member deliver annual nominations for the Walk of Fame. The members of this year’s committee were : Committee President and CEO of Haugesund sentrum Geir Jakobsen, the Mayor of Haugesund Arne-Christian Mohn, Festival Director Tonje Hardersen, head of administration for The Norwegian International Film Festival Nina Samdal, Håkon Laastad, CEO og Laastad & Co and Ingvild Bjerkeland, Coordinator of voluntary work in Haugesund.