The People’s Amanda

Join us and nominate your favorite movie for the award of The People’s Amanda!

For the eleventh time, The Norwegian Film Festival welcomes the vote for the award of The People’s Amanda. In cooperation with Norwegian TV 2, we encourage all to vote for your personal favorite. Following films are ready for the final vote:

  • Børning 2
  • Kongens nei
  • Marcus & Martinus – Sammen om drømmen

Read more about the films and vote here (article in Norwegian)

Criteria for the films in competition:
The films in competition are among the Norwegian feature films with regular cinema distribution during the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 which have had 40 000 visitors during their time in cinemas (Except for From the Balcony that premiered June 30th 2017 and because of this did not have final box office numbers at the competition’s starting point).) Following films has been in competition for the People’s Amanda 2017:

  • Børning 2
  • Carsten and Emma Go Hiking
  • Childhood
  • From the Balcony
  • Gilbert’s Grim Revenge
  • In the Forest of Huckybucky
  • The King’s Choice
  • The Lion Woman
  • Little Grey Fergie – Full Throttle
  • Marcus & Martinus – Sammen om drømmen
  • Santa Swap – Merry Christmas Mr. Andersen,
  • Supervention 2 
  • Trio – The Hunt for the Holy Shrine

The Winner of the People’s Amanda will be released during The Amanda Award, which will be broadcast on TV 2 Saturday, 19 August 2017.

Former winners of The People’s Amanda: