A safe sucess for this year’s festival!

4. September 2020

The 48th Norwegian Film Festival was the first major film festival arranged in physical form after the shut-down this spring. Two weeks after the festival’s last day, we can state that it was not only excellent executed event, but also a safe one, without a single known case of Covid-19.

The festival experienced, as expected, a reduction in the number of spectators who participated in the festival, but at the same time received a stream of good feedback from the audience and industry people who were very happy to finally be able to go to a festival and get professional input in what is a very challenging period for the film industry.

– This has been one of the most demanding festivals we have carried out, says festival and program director Tonje Hardersen. The first increase in infection that came locally, nationally and in Europe was very unfortunate for our festival when it came to audience attendance. At the same time, I would like to commend our partners and staff for impressive infection control measures. I have never received so much positive feedback from our participants as we
have this year, and it is greatly appreciated. We were able to demonstrate that it is possible to make a safe and professional film festival in a very demanding time, she concludes.


The Amanda Awards

This year, the Amanda Awards was back on NRK, and the collaboration with the state channel was a success. Both the festival and NRK have received good feedback on their Amanda broadcast, and it was a higher average that followed Amanda on NRK’s ​​various platforms than usual. Festival director and leader of the Amanda Committee, Tonje Hardersen, is very enthusiastic about this year’s broadcast and award ceremony.

– We are super happy with our collaboration with NRK, she says. It was a great way to both celebrate and communicate the film year that has passed and at the same time gave the audience an opportunity to be able to follow Amanda on different platforms as TV, radio, online and social media. Not least, it was fantastic to be able to gather all the nominees for a wonderful and dignified celebration in Haugesund, in a safe environment. The film industry really deserved a great party this day!


New Nordic Films

The festival’s Nordic film and co-production market New Nordic Films took place this year both physically and online. Thus, more than 350 international participants from their homes around the world could gain knowledge and access to new Nordic feature films, films in post-production and films in development.

– Although nothing can replace physical meetings and networking face to face, we managed to create an efficient, friendly and professional interactive film market. We have received a lot of positive feedback, and the international industry has greatly appreciated being able to participate, and that we in a good way made it possible for them to continue their professional work and get an exclusive access to films from the Nordic even if they could not be physically present in Haugesund, says head of New Nordic Films Gyda Velvin Myklebust.