a-ha The Movie Will Premiere During The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund

22. June 2021

– I can not, as an old a-ha blood fan, describe how excited I am to present A-ha – the Movie for the Haugesund audience. The film does a wonderful job describing the unique history of the band, without masking the problematic relationship between the band members. It provides a close ans voulnerable portrayal of a-ha, but still centres around the magnificent music which just makes you want to sing along all the time, festival director Tonje Hardersen says.  

– Music is my passion, and a-ha was the first band to show that Norwegian music had a place in the international music scene. From idea to film has taken 12 years, and ever since following follow Morten, Magne and Pål got greenlight five years ago, it has been a dream come true. It has been facinating to get under the skin of three so powerful voices, and the cretors of so much great music. Everyone in Norway has a relationship with a-ha and after the world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival in New York I am so excited to premiere it to the Norwegian audience in Haugesund in August, director Thomas Robsahm says.


Unique and forceful characters  

“a-ha The Movie” follows Morten Harket, Pål Waaktaar-Savoy and Magne Furuholmen on tour, and at the same time tells the story of three teenagers with a dream of becoming international superstars.  

–  It has been an exciting journey to follow three so unique and forceful characters. In meeing with the fans around the world we have seen how big they still are and how much they move with their music. To be this close with the camera has provided us with unique moments. And, as in any great film, a lot of drama. It is never boring, co-director Aslaug Holm says.  


Can they create new music? 

With his unique access to the band in the precence, with the use of previously unknown archives, the film tells the story of how three vastly different creative personalities have given us great musical and international success. However the film also protrays how great musical ambition has led to conflict and a rocky friendship over decades. Will they be able to create music together once more? 

When «Take On Me» toped the Billboard in 1985, their dream came true. To this day they are wildly popular and still Norways greates pop success of all time. The summer of 2019 «Take On Me» passed one billion plays on YouTube

a-ha The Movie is produced by Yngve Sæther at Motlys and Thomas Bobsahm. a-ha The Movie is disributed by Euforia.